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Annuity Rate Watch

Use this link to sign in or create an account. FREE ACCESS provided by SHF for appointed producers. provides MYGA - Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuity rates and product information in real time. All rate and product information is sourced directly from the insurance carriers.

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Use this link to sign up and receive  50% off of the monthly subscription rate.


Indexalyzer gives you access to historical performance data on the Fixed Indexed Annuity products you can offer through our firm.  The next time you meet with a client to take an application, these reports will take the mystery out of the allocation process.

Safe Harbor Weekly Emails

Use this link to sign up and receive  our weekly emails.

Our emails give you the most up to date information on the financial products you can offer through our firm. Use these emails to stay current on the Top MYGA Rates, Top Income Annuity Payouts and Top Performing Index Crediting Strategies, plus a whole lot more.

(Includes FireLight® E-Application Annuity Sales Platform)

Use this link to sign in. FREE ACCESS provided by SHF for appointed producers. Not registered? Call us or send a message and request access.


We've partnered with LUMA's superior technology to give you the tools to elevate your financial services business to the next level. LUMA's financial technology platform helps financial advisors evaluate, track and electronically buy annuities, all in one place. Customized to meet your needs.

Safe Harbor Total Rewards Program

Use this link to sign up for our marketing reimbursement expense program.

Does your IMO invest in you? Our industry leading marketing reimbursement program is generous, to say the least. When we invest in the advisors that partner with us, everybody wins.


iPipeline’s e-SSENTIALS is a premium technology solution tailored just for you. These comprehensive tools are designed to streamline the complexities of life insurance, simplifying the entire process -- from generating quotes to policy delivery. With e-SSENTIALS, you have access to a suite of solutions that promote best practices, ensuring a seamless life insurance management experience.  

Use the links below to access the tools. FREE ACCESS provided by SHF for appointed producers. 


VERY IMPORTANT: FIRST TIME users must select "Create An Account" to get access.  

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Complete applications electronically, eliminating manual data entry errors

Access the product information portal for building charts and viewing underwriting guidelines

Run multi-carrier quotes across 1000+ term life products

Retrieve all carrier products and supplemental forms from one centralized location

Obtain an accurate representation of a client’s health class, instantly

Index Capture Rate™ Calculator

Use this link to download a sample illustration and to request a live demo.


Our Index Capture Rate Calculator Will Forever Change The Way You Talk About & Sell Indexed Annuities!  It clearly & easily illustrates the power of fixed index annuity downside protection like you've never seen before!

PlumLife Digital Life Insurance Sales Platform

Register Now to use the PlumLife electronic portal.

The future of life insurance sales is here. Join thousands of agents who are placing business more efficiently and faster than ever with Plum Life. Simply click "Register Now" above and complete the easy online process to get started.

WINK Life Insurance & Annuity Intelligence 
Industy News

Use this link to go to WINK's Industry News.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, WINK offers competitive intelligence and market research in the life insurance and annuity industries; serving financial services professionals, distributors, manufacturers, regulators, and consultants on both a domestic and global basis.

Federation of Americans For Consumer Choice
The Voice for Independent Distribution

Use this link to go to FACC's website to learn more.

The Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice (FACC) serves as the voice for independent distribution of life insurance, long-term care insurance and annuities,  dedicated to the preservation of consumer access to products and professional advice Americans need to live securely and retire with confidence.

National Association For Fixed Annuities

Use this link to go to NAFA's website to learn more.

The National Association for Fixed Annuities, or NAFA, is a national trade association exclusively dedicated to promoting the awareness and understanding of fixed annuities. NAFA is the only association whose sole purpose is to advocate for fixed annuities and educate the public, as well as regulators and legislators, about the benefits fixed annuities have for those in or planning for retirement.

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